Project Highlight: How Our Home Buyers Made Miracles

One of the most rewarding parts of being a home buyer in Melrose, MA – bar none- is seeing the hard work and effort we put into renovations in front of our eyes. Whether we performed a complete overhaul or made a few simple changes, the results are a thrill for us, and we’re happy to make them happen. Recently, we renovated two properties that let us show our abilities and make homeowners the most comfortable they can be. We always love a challenge! 




  • 41 Franklin Road – Winchester, MA

This property – seen above – grew to an impressive six bedroom home with beautiful decor that is sure to delight anyone who takes a peek at it. Since the area has plenty of stunning scenery, we took advantage of the opportunity and outfitted the home with multiple outdoor decks for optimal coverage and comfort. With rooms that feature an office, a fireplace, a finished attic, and more, this property is a real winner. We couldn’t be prouder of the results, and we’re excited to provide this stunning home to homeowners.



  • 13 Dell Street – Somerville, MA

Sometimes, you only need to put in hard work to unleash a property’s potential. The penthouse on Dell Street had a beautiful location and looked nice from the outside, but it needed some considerable work. The team decided to make the home more radiant, so it was made much lighter with some recessed lighting and more access points sunlight can reach. We also put some timeless stained hardwood flooring in, which is excellent for any homeowner. With paint, new appliances, and some more sunlight, it’s hard to believe this property used to be so dark and vacant!



  • Consistency

While both properties mentioned are substantially different, there is a common thread between them (outside of their great locations): the sheer dedication and work ethic that transformed these investment properties into dream homes that we couldn’t be more excited about and love! At Eagle Vision Homes, you’ll be sure to get quality results every season from a home buyer in Melrose, MA. We put hard work, care, and dedication to every project we come across, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.





If you want to get in touch with a home buyer in Melrose, MA or merely want to learn more about what Eagle Vision Homes has to offer, give us a call at (781)-665-4663 and see what we can do for you today!