Preserve History when Selling Your Home

Many homes in New England have a long history behind them. Is your home historical, or played a part in a historical event? If so, this can mean using a different tactic when selling your home. You shouldn’t erase the home’s past—here’s how to preserve history and still have a successful sale.

Take time to look into the history of your home. Check local records to learn about historical events such as famous births, deaths, or meetings. You may discover new things you didn’t even know about your house. Having factual data to back up your claims will help convince buyers of the historical value of your home.

Check the house for lead or asbestos. Older homes are more likely to have these in the paint or ceiling. You may not have noticed any issues, but if lead or asbestos are present, then a new homeowner could face serious health issues. You should check for these problems and make any repairs needed to get rid of them if they are present.

Remember that history is worth a lot of value. There’s a reason that the antique industry is so lucrative, even though you might see it as a bunch of old stuff. Your home is worth more than just “an old house”—it has distinguished history behind it, and you should make sure your buyers know this.

You may need to make some repairs to the home that erase some of the original fixtures. Decorate your home with period-appropriate furniture or paints and wall colors, and the history will not be forgotten. If you want the house to be habitable for the new homeowner, then make sure the floors, foundation, plumbing, and electric are all in working order.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of preserving your home, but still care about its history, contact Eagle Vision Homes. We’ll get your property sold fast at a value that’s worth its history.